Tech Review: Dubs Alive – DS-2 Dub Siren

After seeing several DJ’s come through town and perform with the Dub’s Alive – Dub Siren, we had to put our pennies together and scoop one up. The process started with an order inquiry on the Dubs Alive website. I received a reply from their tech soon after. He said that he had just finished creating five new units and asked me to pick one of two styles. Being a lover of all things monochromatic, I opted for the DS-2 Vintage model over the dubwise look of the DS-2 Lil’ Dubber. The tech told me they needed to calibrate and test before shipping. Cool.

The Dub Siren comes in two different styles, the Rasta-esque Lil’ Dubber, and silver vintage style.

When the DS-2 arrived, we were hyped about everything except going to the store to purchase 9V batteries. Not wanting to add yet another item to the studio supply list, we purchased a generic 9V adapter from Amazon. Upon arrival of the power supply, we cracked the Dub Siren open for the first time.

DS2-043 "Devotion" note the quality craftsmanship and the clean cabling.

DS2-043 “Devotion” note the quality craftsmanship and the clean cabling.

With great caution we drilled a very small hole in the back of the box for the power supply and in one fell swoop, we solved our 9V problem and voided the two year warranty that comes with the unit (Oops!).

The Dub Siren has stereo RCA outputs and a 1/4" instrument out.

The Dub Siren has stereo RCA outputs and a 1/4″ instrument out. The cable for the 9V adapter is on the lower left.

Our next move was to fire the unit up. The different oscillators are clean but we found the most excitement in messing with the pitch knob. With the LFO set to a fast rate, you can make some bubbly space sounds; straight out of the Jetson’s or an old sci-fi movie. Our next move was to connect a Griffin Guitar Connect Cable to the 1/4“ output of the DS-2 and route the signal into an iPad running LiveFX. (see video below)


Loads of fun is to be had when you use the dub siren combined with the built-in effects on a Pioneer (or similar) mixer. Finally, we put our modified DS-2 inside a Pelican 1150 case that we just had laying around the studio. It fit perfect and we can’t wait to flex on stage at our next gig! If you are looking to dub up your DJ sets, the Dubs Alive Dub Siren will do just that. Hours of fun… hours.


The Dub Siren in the Pelican 1150 Case

Official video and blurb from the Dubs Alive website

The DS-2 has arrived and now it’s in 2 flavors! Introducing the DS-2 “Lil’ Dubber” & “Vintage” models. This new dub siren utilizes the same square wave stepped tone generator as the original DS-1 with 2 new graphic layouts, streamlined features, phono outputs (we heard ya) and a slightly cheaper price tag. We are also offering custom graphic inserts on preorders for a charge…think about it, your logo on the box too! As always, hand built in San Francisco by Tapa and comes with a rock solid 2 year warranty. Reach out to for pricing and info on the Dubs Alive DS-2 “Lil’ Dubber” analog dub synth!

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