Premiere: Express Your Groove from Breaka and Modern Ruin Records

Breaka and Modern Ruin Records bring the badness with Express Your Groove

Ah yes, the good people at Modern Ruin Records have done it again… The 15th release from the burgeoning U.K. imprint maintains their impeccable standard of quality with Express Your Groove from Breaka. The E.P. opens with Pull and Release; a track complete with Chicago-style groove, keys, and vox. The icing on this well written sonic layer cake- has to be the dark and sinister bassline. If it’s ghetto elements you crave, enjoy some 909 cowbells and skippy-choppy footwork sample patterns. Next up is ‘The Mistake’ – another genre bending power-plate. High energy snares smeared over a chopped think-break pattern drop into a lowrider-ready hip hop beat before building into hype again. The tune continues to evolve with classic Novation-style arpeggios and a chiptune video game. Welcome back to 1993. Express Your Groove steals the show with its sultry samples and stabby bass that keeps the head nod throughout the track. Finally, the Itoa remix of The Mistake is a powerful, dark, and driving dancefloor dominator; containing all the elements of an energetic footwork-ish anthem.
Express Your Groove – packed with high production value, original sounds and a solid groove. Four tracks, all suited for the floor. No filler here.
We dig… Seen?

5 out of 5 lightaz – B.G.

Next up on Modern Ruin is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in the past year. Hailing from Leeds, we have Breaka with ‘Express Your Groove’. We kick off with ‘Pull and Release’ – a tempered footwork jungle crossover expedition peppered with ethereal female vocal chops. A haunting mid range accompanies tuned 808s and melodies, pulling and releasing the listener into and from the track as and when intended. Next up is ‘The Mistake’. Breakbeats and a vicious stab set the tone for the rest of the track, but Breaka switches things up with a dutty half time groove. The classic hoover bass makes a return in the latter parts of this track and a melodic hook sees ‘The Mistake’ out to the end. Title track ‘Express Your Groove’ is next. Sampling Wish and Fonda Rae’s ‘Touch Me’, one can be forgiven for thinking this is a tribute to Machinedrum’s ‘Heavy Weight’, where instead we’re treated to a frenetic breakbeat expedition in what can only be described as an effective expression of groove – truly a standout. Longtime Modern Ruin afictionado and conspirator Itoa returns with a remix of ‘The Mistake’, and in classic fashion, ‘The Mistake’ becomes a percussive and minimal experiment, which sees out Breaka’s fantastic and comprehensiverelease to the end.

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