Seek Sick Sounds Podcast with Homemade Weapons

45 minutes of fury from Homemade Weapons. Big tunes the whole time.

The following blurb is from the SSS website and has been translated from French:
“It was not enough for Andre Delgado says Homemade Weapons, having already convinced his writing talent with impressive Clarion Call at Samurai EP Music. He had to sign us nervous podcast, energizing and dark desire, just to say once and for all its pioneer status of the drum & bass. This mix, built with reinforced concrete and spinning at top speed, reveals the extent of the knowledge of the US. Here the drum & bass cares little incessantly re outdated and tired form. All this science of rhythm lies in a methodical deconstruction of time in which he injected his goodwill a merry anthology of jungle samples, all shrouded in filthy cloths and other ghostly voice. The selection contains many new features, including four titles at all costs Mind Control EP, released on Homemade Weaponry.”

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